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Welcome to Creator Schools
Contact Us: (+233) 303 203513       endefr

Favorite of the City
With our high WASSCE success/distinction rate, it's no surprise we are the favorite of the city. We are proudly Tema's finest!


Edutainment Sessions
All work and no play makes Jack a lazy boy, hence we incorporate education and entertainment in order to keep the students excited.
Online Community
We have our own online social media platform to connect current students and old students for mentoring and motivation.


Campus Shop
The school is well stocked with a stationary shop to provide the daily needs of our students. This helps us maintain security of the students on campus.


 Creator Schools develops your child with a holistic approach. This will instill in the child a sense of self-discipline and responsibility.


In this modern day of technology, we see all sorts of technology abuse but here at Creator school, we train your ward to positively apply ICT skills to create a positive impact. Your ward could become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs of his/her generation.
Creator Schools believes in talent also, we believe that book smart and talent is a great combination to help your child unleash his/her full potential. Learning can be fun if your child loves what he/she does and does what he/she loves.
Children are very creative and like to find their own means to solve problems. We at Creator School encourage our students to think outside the box. This will help them become good team players and problem solvers.


 CROSA - Creator Old Students Association is the schools' Alumni.




 Here are but a few selected reasons why you should choose us.


Setup for Success
Your children are trained to be independent and responsible. They are taught the essence and value of education and prepared for any challenge that comes their way. Creatorians (as we call our students) will and have always excelled wherever they go.
Excellent Tuition
Our staff have been carefully selected and trained to apply our code of ethics and teach within the set standards of GES. Our teachers teach with pride and all their best. .
Practical Solutions
Our children are always given the opportunity to experience and study with a hands on approach. Practice they say make perfect hence our students are given ample time and exercises to help them practice in and out of school.
Emergency Aid
We are always alert and prepared to handle emergencies, our students are also trained to know what to do in emergency cases both in and out of school thanks to the red cross society.




Currently we have the following facilities to help bring out the abilities/skills of our students.


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To find out more about our admission and processes, download our brochure or contact us directly ..
All conditions apply as per our modus operandi and we reserve all rights to change/ammend conditions when necessary.

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P.O. Box CO 612,
(+233) 303 203513
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Community 4, Adjacent IRS. Tema

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About Us

A school of excellence that turns academically excellent and morally upright grandaunts, who are capable to compete anywhere in the world.

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